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Developer TeamPulse
Developer TeamPulse
Website https://typinghearts.com
Platforms PC, Mac, Linux
Release Date TBA
Price TBA
Press/Business contact contact@typinghearts.com
Steam Page Typing Hearts Steam


Typing Hearts features a unique typing game and an immersive operating system to enrich the experience of meeting girls!

Your story begins when you receive an official invitation for the first beta of PulseOS, a revolutionary operating system dedicated to dating. This OS comes with a customized assistant that will teach you the basics of dating girls, and then, it will guide you along your journey to find your perfect match.

Just like in real life, all decisions count. Depending on what you do or say, your story could completely change. Choices matter and your journey will depend on them.


Use the Virtual OS messaging interface to learn more about the girls: their tastes, their hobbies, their motivations...
Make sure that these topics come up during your dates with them by spelling out related words on your keyboard as fast as you can!
Match enough words without too many mistakes to get a new date! And if you’re eloquent enough, the next date might be in their bedroom...
During dates, words fade in and out regularly. You won’t be able to type them all, so you will have to choose carefully!
These keywords are divided into six categories: culture, daily life, romance, science, sexuality, and the world.

Each of your dates will have its own preferences toward these categories, so you have to pay attention and type the words that they will like the most!
If you learn enough about a girl, you will unlock special words that act as a multiplier during your dates. Always be on the lookout for these!

Start dating amazing eloquent girls today!


πŸ’‹ 6 amazing girls with unique traits and stories to discover.

πŸ”₯ An addictive fast-paced typing game with its own unique tactical dimension.

πŸ’» An immersive operating system with many apps.

πŸ€– A dedicated Pulse Assistant AI to help you in your journey.

πŸ–ŒοΈ Collect detailed CG artworks.

🎀 Voice acting for maximum realism.

🎡 An extensive soundtrack with synthwave touches.

πŸŽ›οΈ A customizable interface where you will be able to change virtually anything.


Download our media kit: TypingHearts-PressMedia.zip